Screenshot of a promotional website for the band 'Alvarez Kings'


  • Desktop website
  • Documentation specification for campaign

Technologies used:

  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • PHP (WordPress)

This website was the practical component of a promotional group promotional campaign for a band called ‘Alvarez Kings.’ The campaign was to promote the launch of a new EP from the band called ‘Cold Conscience.’

Jim Wilde and myself worked on the website and documentation together. Dilshan Basnayake worked on a trailer video which was embedded in the homepage of the of the site. Sean Parkin, a member of the band, provided the audio and voice-over recording for the video.

The website contained information about the EP, competitions linked to social networks such as Facebook and a countdown timer to the launch. The documentation centred around the research and action plan needed to pull off a successful campaign for the band.

PDF download

Download promotional campaign PDF here!

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