E-Learning Report for Joanna Music Theory


  • Website and PDF

What I did:

  • Discussed definition of e-learning
  • Objectively analysed Hackney Council website
  • Defined target market
  • Discussed learning theories
  • Discussed interface design theories
  • Outlined course objectives
  • Outlined lesson overview
  • Designed responsive website to showcase a lesson module

Technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • PHP

Emerging technologies and the rise of mobile usage has opened the door to new ways of delivering content on the web. Academic and learning institutions have taken note and can now offer more courses online and on a bigger range of platforms.

This project was a collaboration with Jim Wilde – a highly talented programmer. Jim tackled most of the programming while I concentrated on the design, lesson content and UI design theories which are outlined in the report.

To visit the website showcasing a prototype of a typical lesson, please click here and choose lesson 9 ‘The major scale’. There are music theory tips and even a virtual keyboard so you can practice to become the next Stevie Wonder!

PDF download

Download PDF of the e-learning report here!

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