Screenshot from the localised Gibson Guitars website


  • Desktop website

Technologies used:

  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • jQuery

This project explored the localisation of an existing website. The website chosen was Gibson Guitars and the country localised for was Poland. The project went further than just translating text on the Gibson US website into Polish. Also looked at were the cultural challenges involved with localising web content for a Polish market. This meant analysing differences with symbolism, linguistics, legal requirements, currency, fonts, foreign characters, coding issues and layout considerations.

Five different pages, excluding the homepage, were localised. To translate Gibson’s existing text content accurately, I had help from a Polish translator Magdalena Kieres. I recommend checking out her Linkedin profile for Polish/French to English translation work.

Unfortunately, the website cannot be published as this would be an infringement of copyright but it can be viewed by request.

PDF download

Download PDF of the localisation report here!

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