What is graphic design picture
  • Size:
  • Materials: High-resolution print on paper.

This was a college assignment, answering the question ‘what is graphic design?’ for a book cover. The text had to be incorporated into any design we came up with. However, we were given the freedom to come up with any design we felt best answered or expressed the question.

I drew inspiration from Saul Bass, a renowned American graphic designer and filmmaker. I particularly like his use of colour, shapes and space which give his work a very distinct style. Using one of his book cover designs, I re-created a similar design from scratch using Photoshop and tried to incorporate the text appropriately. The typeface used for this is a Saul Bass inspired font called ‘Hitchcock’. This is a reference to the typeface used by Saul Bass in his posters and movie credits in Alfred Hitchcock films such as ‘Vertigo’. The finished design was imported to InDesign to complete the layout as a book cover.

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